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The discussion will take place virtually via Zoom. Registration for the discussion required:

How do you change a troubled police department? Filmmakers Anya Bourg and James Jacoby address this question in their 2016 documentary film, Policing the Police. This question became more pressing just four years after the film’s release, as nationwide protests broke out in response to the murder of George Floyd. Police brutality continues to trouble American society, but the varying approaches to combat it are often sources for further polarization. Movements such as “Black Lives Matter”, “Defund the Police” and “Blue Lives Matter” are just some examples of how Americans are responding to their country’s troubled relationship with the police. Georgiana Banita will provide context to these current movements as she analyzes this documentary and provides some background on the origins of policing in the United States. Participants will have the chance to watch the film in advance via a guest login. They will then have the opportunity to discuss and pose questions about the film and the overarching social concepts it might bring up for the viewer.

Georgiana Banita is Associate Professor of North American literature and culture at the University of Bamberg. She is the author of Plotting Justice: Narrative Ethics and Literary Culture after 9/11 (Nebraska 2012) and Phantombilder: Die Polizei und der verdächtige Fremde (Nautilus 2021). Her research on policing in the United States and Europe has been funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, the DFG and the Thyssen Foundation. She has studied and worked at, among others, the University of Konstanz, Yale University, and the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. Current projects include an edited collection on the ethics of Predictive Policing and a special issue of Journal of American Studies on race and Big Data.

Organizer: Amerikahaus – Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations